SQUARE D UTS3 Secondary Injection Test Set

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SQUARE D UTS3 Secondary Injection Test Set
  • Application

  • The Square D UTS3 Secondary Injection Test Set is designed to perform operational tests and diagnoses of Square D Micrologic Series B electronic trip units on circuit breakers. It must be combined with a suitable test module.
  • Features

  • Includes a CBTMB Test Module for Full-function and Standard-function LEL, LXL, LXIL testing
  • With optional CBTM4A module UTS3 can test ME/MX, NE/NX and PE/PX circuit breakers 11/89 to 9/92 along with SE circuit breakers 5/90 to 10/92

General specifications
Universal Test Set includes: Self-test module (CBTMT)
Standard and full-function Micrologic Series B module (CBTMB) includes rating plug adapter
Ribbon cable for making the connection from the test set to the rating plug adapter
Instruction manual
Power cord
Shipping weight 30 lbs. / 13.64 kg