Keysight DSAX92004A Digital Serial Analyzer

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Keysight DSAX92004A 20GHz Infiniium X-Series Digital Serial Analyzer
  • Application

  • The Keysight DSAX92004A simplifies tasks like spectral analysis of wide-bandwidth RF signals, investigating transient phenomena, or working with technologies like FibreChannel, SAS 12 G, or MIPI-NPhy.
  • Key features

  • Real-time bandwidth: 20 GHz on 2 CH, 16 GHz on 4 CH
  • Noise floor: 1.53 μVrms at 5 mV/div
  • Maximum sampling rate: 80 GS/s on 2CH, 40 GS/s on 4CH
  • Bandwidth is upgradeable from 16 GHz up to 32 GHz
  • Internal 250 GB hard drive

Technical characteristics
Analog bandwidth 2-channel: 20 GHz
4-channel: 16 GHz
Sample rate 2-channel: 80 Gsa/s
4-channel: 40 Gsa/s
Max memory depth 2 Gpts (4-channel)
Input impedance 50 Ω ± 3%
Sensitivity 1 mV/div to 1 V/div
Input coupling DC
Vertical resolution 8 bits, ≥ 12 bits with averaging
Channel to channel isolation DC to 3 GHz: 60dB (≥ 1000:1)
3 GHz to 8 GHz: 40 dB (≥ 100:1)
8 GHz to BW: 35dB (≥ 56:1)
DC gain accuracy ± 2% of full scale at full resolution channel scale (± 2.5% for 5 mV/div)
Maximum input voltage ± 5 V
Dynamic range ± 4 div from center screen
Display characteristics
Display 12.1 inch color XGA TFT-LCD with touch screen
Intensity grayscale 256 level intensity graded display
Resolution XGA 1024 pixels horizontally x 768 pixels vertically
Annotation Up to 12 labels, with up to 100 characters each, can be inserted into the waveform area
Grids One, two or four waveform grids, each with 8 bit vertical resolution
Waveform styles Connected dots, dots, infinite persistence, color graded infinite persistence. Includes up to 256 levels of intensity graded waveforms
General characteristics
Temperature Operating: +5 %C to +40 %C
Non-operating: -40 %C to +70 %C
Vibration For operating random the 0.3 g(rms) should be 0.21 g(rms), for non-operating random the 2.41 g(rms) should be 2.0 g(rms) and for swept sins the (0.75g) should be (0.50g)
Power 100 - 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz; maximum input power 800 Watts
Dimensions H 10.5in x W 16.75in x D 18.7in (27cm x 43cm x 48cm)
Weight 45.1 lbs (20.5 kg)
Safety Meets IEC 61010-1 +A2, CSA certified to C22.2 No.1010.1, self-certified to UL 3111
For detailed specifications please see: Keysight DSAX92004A Data Sheet