Raytech WR50-12 50 Amp Winding Resistance Meter

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Raytech WR50-12 50 Amp Winding Resistance Meter
  • Features & specifications

  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Charges inductive loads up to 1500 Henry
  • Heavy duty protection circuitry
  • Fully remote operation capability with an external PC
  • 3 Temperature input channels
  • High power DC Supply (50A/50V)
  • DC Current adjustable for resistance from 0.05μ to 100kΩ
  • Fastest discharge unit on the market
  • Visible and audible indicator for discharge status
  • Data storage of up to unlimited measurements
  • Built in panel-mount printer
  • Mounted in rugged case for field testing

Range 0.05μΩ to 100kΩ
Resolution 5 digits
Accuracy ±0.1% reading and ±2 digits
Current 10mA to 50 A at 50V
Inductance Range 0 Henry to 1500 Henry
Temperature Operating: -10° C to 60° C, Storage: -20° C to 70° C
Weight 40.3lbs. (18.3kg)
Dimensions L: 20.5 in. (521 mm) W: 17 in. (432 mm) H: 8.5 in. (216 mm)
Accessories 10 meter current leads (positive and negative), 10 meter potential leads (positive and negative 2 sets), 10 meter safety ground, Power cord, Touchscreen stylus, External USB Key, Cable bag, Instruction manual, Printer Paper (5 Rolls)