Keithley DMM7510 7½ Digit, Graphical Sampling Multimeter

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Keithley DMM7510 Graphical Sampling Multimeter
  • Application

  • The Keithley DMM7510, is a precision, high-resolution DMM, with a graphical touchscreen display, and a high-speed, high-resolution digitizer. It accurately measures ultra-low sleep mode currents and transmit drain currents from wireless devices.
  • Key features

  • Sample current drain wave shapes at rates up to 1 Msample/s
  • Sample over 5 decades with the digitizer’s 18-bit resolution
  • DC voltage sensitivity: 10 nV. Current sensitivity: 1 pA
  • Compact mode storage: 27.5 million readings

Suggested Configurations
Required testing scenario Suggested Options/Applications
IoT - Signal & Power Integrity The Keithley DMM7510 accurately measures and visualizes Ultra-Low Current Drain Levels. It determines the current drain of the components such as the microcontroller (MCU) in your low-power, battery-operated product as well as the product’s total current draw.

In addition, it profiles the current drain in all of the product’s operating states from its sleep mode to its transmit mode.

No extra options are required for this IoT application.
IoT - EMC n/a
IoT - Wireless Standards Compliance n/a
IoT - Power Management n/a

General Specifications
Power line Universal input, 100 V to 240 V
Line Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, automatically sensed at power-up
Power Consumption 60 VA
Operating Environment Specified for 0° to 50°C, ≤ 80% relative humidity at 35°C, altitude up to 2000 meters
Storage Environment –30° to 70°C
Dimensions Without handle and bumpers: (88 H x 213 W x 410 D)mm (3.46 x 8.39 x 16.13 )in.
With handle and bumpers: (106 H x 255 W x 425 D)mm (4.18 x 10.05 x 16.75 )in.
Shipping weight Without handle and bumpers: 3.63 kg (8.0 lb.)
With handle and bumpers: 4.08 kg (9.0 lb.)
Accessories Product Information CD-ROM, DMM7510 Quick Start Guide, Kickstart Software Quick Start Guide, power cord, 1 m USB cable (type A to type B), 3 m LAN cable, and 1756 Standard Test Lead Kit.