Hipotronics HD Series Hipot Testers

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Hipotronics HD Series Hipot Tester
  • Features & specifications

  • DC hipot testing up to 40 kV DC (see table below)
  • AC Hipot testing up to 15.5 kV AC (see table below)
  • Eliminate the need to purchase separate AC and DC Hipot Testers
  • Test voltage continuously adjustable
  • Safety features include zero start interlock
  • Shorting solenoid grounds output cable and DUT
  • Available for rent

Models in the HD100 Series
Model number DC Output voltage AC Output voltage Net weight Shipping weight
HD-103-A (or B) 0 to 3 kV DC 0 to 2.5 kV AC 46 lbs. 59 lbs.
HD-106-A (or B) 0 to 6 kV DC 0 to 5 kV AC 51 lbs. 64 lbs.
HD-115-A (or B) 0 to 15 kV DC 0 to 12.5 kV AC 75 lbs. 85 lbs.
HD-125-A (or B) 0 to 25 kV DC 0 to 10 kV AC 75 lbs. 85 lbs.
HD-140-A (or B) 0 to 40 kV DC 0 to 15.5 kV AC 82 lbs. 92 lbs.

General specifications
Applicable standards Test to UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, and MIL specifications
Input voltages Version "A": 120V/60Hz
Version "B": 230V/50Hz
Dimensions All models: (21 x 20 x 11)in. (53 x 51 x 28)cm.
Applications Capacitors, Transformers, Wire and Cable, Coils and Chokes, Connectors, Medical Devices, and Appliances.
Optional accessories See page 2 of Brochure PDF