DILO 3-027-R002 SF6 Volume Percentage Measuring Device

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DILO-3-027-R002 SF6 Volume Percentage Measuring Device
  • Application

  • The DILO 3-027-R002 SF6 Volume Percentage Measuring Device measures the gas purity necessary to maintain the dielectric property for arc quenching in circuit breakers. The speed-of-sound measurement generates results immediately.
  • Key Features

  • Easy handling and rinsing after measurements
  • Use for another gas compartment immediately
  • Independent of air pressure and its position
  • Response time is approximately one minute
  • Digital indication of the measuring values

Measuring media SF6 / N2 / or SF6 / air-gas mixtures
Measuring principle Velocity of sound
Measuring range 0 t0 100 volume-% SF6
Measuring accuracy ± 0.5 volume-% for SF6 / N2 -gas mixture or SF6 / air-gas mixture
Operating pressure Input pressure of the device without pressure regulation pa (absolute) = 1.7 to 10 bar pe [effective] = 10.2 to 130.5 psi). At a pressure of pa (absolute) = 1.2 to 1.7 bar (pe [effective] = 2.9 to 10.2 psi) the function is still guaranteed. However, the response time increases.
Measuring pressure The measuring process is effected under atmospheric pressure
Operating temperature Temperature compensation of -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F up to 122 °F) ambient temperature
Ambient moisture Up to 90 % relative moisture, non condensing during operation
Response time Approx. 1 min. with a rinsed connecting hose. The response time as well as the rinsing of the connecting hose depend on the supply pressure. In the most unfavourable case at pa (absolute) = 1.7 bar (pe effective = 10.2 psi) the time to get an exact measurement is 5 min. if the rinsing valve is not operated
Flow rate Max. 1.2 g / min. (0.04 oz / min) at 100 % SF6 gas and an operating pressure of pa (absolute) = 10 bar (pe [effective] = 130.5 psi)
Input 20 V to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz reversible to 110 V to 127 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Interface RS232
Scope of supply Volume percentage measuring device with digital display
Measuring cell with electronic part
2 m long connecting hose with coupling DN8 and DN20
Housing with front and back covering with big handle for transportation and placing of the device
Mains plug with 2 m long connecting cable
Transport case
1 operating manual (multilingual) on CD-ROM
Optional accessories Data cable for RS232 interface and CD-ROM with computer indicating programme
Discharge gas collecting bag (for emission-free measurement)
Dimensions W 415 mm, H 155 mm, D 450 mm, with handle
Weight 10.5 kg