Anritsu S331E Site Master™ Cable & Antenna Analyzer

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Anritsu S331E Site Master™ Cable & Antenna Analyzer
  • Application

  • The S331E handles the most punishing field conditions, dramatically enhances productivity, and transforms the fix-after-failure maintenance model to one that identifies and fixes problems before major failures occur.
  • Key Features

  • Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 2 MHz to 4 GHz
  • Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, Distance-To-Fault, Smith Chart
  • USB connectivity, built-in touch screen keyboard
  • 4-hour battery life, rugged, with daylight viewable display
  • Intuitive menu-driven touch screen user interface

General specifications
Measurements VSWR, Return Loss, Cable Loss, Distance-to-Fault (DTF) Return Loss, Distance-to-Fault (DTF) VSWR, 1-Port Phase, Smith Chart (50/75 Ω selectable)
Measurement Display Single/Dual Measurement Display with independent markers
Frequency Start/Stop, Signal Standard, Start Cal
DTF Start/Stop, DTF Aid, Units (m/ft), Cable Loss, Propagation Velocity, Cable, Windowing
Windowing Rectangular, Normal Side Lobe, Low Side Lobe, Minimum Side Lobe
Amplitude Top, Bottom Auto Scale, Full Scale
Sweep Run/Hold, Single/Continuous, RF Immunity (High/Low), Data Points, Averaging/Smoothing, Output Power (High/Low), RF Pwr When Hold (On/Off)
Data points 137, 275, 551, 1102, 2204
Markers Markers 1-6 (On/Off), Delta Makers 1-6 (On/Off), Marker to Peak/Valley, Peak/Valley Auto, Marker Table (On/Off), All Markers Off
Traces Recall, Copy to Display Memory, No Trace Math, Trace ± Memory, Trace Overlay (On/Off)
Limit line On/Off, Single Limit, Multi-segment Edit, Limit Alarm (On/Off), Pass Fail Message (On/Off), Pass/Fail (Unbounded/Bounded), Warning Limit Offset, Clear Limit
Save/Recall Setups, Measurements (.vna, .dat), Screen Shots (.jpg) (save only)
Application options Bias-Tee (On/Off), Impedance (50 Ω, 75 Ω, Other)
Frequency 2 MHz to 4 GHz
Frequency accuracy ≤ ± 2.5 ppm @ 25 °C
Frequency resolution 1 kHz (RF immunity low), 100 kHz (RF immunity high)
For detailed specifications please see: Anritsu S331E Data Sheet